About Me

Hey! I'm Mirna Wahab. I'm a Software Engineer with a passion for problem solving and learning new things.

I was always taught to work hard and stay humble. At 15 I started working after school at a restaurant, where I worked my way up to managing the place with the responsiblity for a team of 12. I loved being a part of the growth and success of the business, but I was also so fascinated by the concept of being able to turn an idea in my head into code behind a real, working system. One day a special person in my life convinced me to do what I was truly passionate about and now I'm here! Turning those ideas in my head into something real.

Family is very important to me, in saying that my dream job is to be at an organisation I can call my second family, where we can expand our knowledge and skills as a team and create opportunities for people that only see problems. Outside of programming I want to fill my life with adventures that include traveling the world, discovering and experiencing new places and things.

Disclaimer: if we work together your chocolate is not safe within a 5 meter radius of me.





BCG Digital Ventures

April 18 - Present

Software Engineer

  • Collaborate with Product & UX teams to establish front-end and API specifications.
  • Implement user facing features and integrated them with back-end systems using React, Redux/Redux-Saga.
  • Maintain scalable microservices in Golang, and deploy them in Docker containers to the cloud.

BCG Digital Ventures

Nov 17 - March 18

Software Engineer Intern

  • Implemented user facing features and integrated them with back-end systems using React, Redux/Redux-Saga.
  • Developed unit tests using Jest and Enzyme.
  • Optimized web application for maximum speed and scalability.

Bear Brasserie

Feb 09 - Dec 15

Business Manager

  • Oversaw employee activities, hired, trained, evaluated and motivated employees.
  • Accountable for budgeting, cost control, payroll, general accounting and full profit and loss.
  • Established a mandatory customer service training program for all employees which increased guest satisfaction scores by 26%.
  • Developed marketing campaigns to increase business visibility and profit.



Western Sydney Hotel

Designed and developed a hotel registration and booking web application in both ASP.NET with C# and HTML with PHP.

DA System

Double Auction Simulation System

Developed a double auction simulation system in which mocks a real-time double auction on market shares. This was developed in both C++ and Java, primarily focused on the use of encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.



Developed Mini-SHRDLU in C++, a computer game designed by Demis Hassabis, the CEO of Google DeepMind, and his team to test their AI algorithms2. The aim of the program is to automatically generate a solution to any given board goal state with the use of a heuristic algorithm and the Tower of Hanoi concept. Primarily used Priority Queue, List and Vector.


Personal Site

Designed and developed my personal site using HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Creating mirnaiwahab.com helped expand my experience and skills in Full-Stack Development, it also helped expand my knowledge in identifying and predicting future project constraints and estimations.

Ideas Bank

Ideas Bank

Developed a C++ program that maintains an Ideas Bank (collection of ideas), displays relevant ideas and indexes ideas using an inverted index which stores a mapping from a idea keyword, to its location in the ideas bank. This was implemented using an AVL Tree.

Pizza App

Wild West Pizza

Designed and developed a pizza ordering service mobile application in both iOS with swift and Android with Java.

Cephalopod Board Game

Cephalopod Game

Developed a C++ and Java version of Cephalopod, a strategic board game invented by Mark Steere in 2006. Allows two players, the goal is to occupy majority of the squares in the board to win a game.


KFC Maps

Part of a team that developed a web application in which enables intelligent traffic with visualisation. Developed an algorithm that allows you to visualise traffic through D3.js manipulation in ASP.NET, SQL with Internet libraries, such as Google API, Google Javascript API and D3.js.

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